Children in the big world

Global and inclusive educations are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, we focus on children in order to support them and develop their potential. On the other hand, we teach children how they, their decisions and actions have an impact on the overall world and on all other people living in it.
Global education:

Global education is an active teaching process based on values such as solidarity, equality, tolerance, accountability and cooperation. It enables people to move to a level of deeper understanding about sustainable human development as causality of personal understanding, and it also enables inclusion in the process of underlying causes and effects of world problems.

What we do:

As a founder and member of the Bulgarian Platform for International Development, the Centre for Inclusive Education is a co-host of the annual National Conference on Global Education. This initiative promotes the philosophy, principles and methods of global education in order to help children and young people acquire attitudes of active global citizens as one of the most efficient ways to respond to the current challenges of globalisation.

Further information about children in the big world: