School Makes Sense

School Makes Sense is our most ambitious cause. We are aiming at 100 schools to join it in 2025, because this is a cause which makes the school to revive again in children hearts and to become special for them.

School Makes Sense creates a bridge which connects the school, the local community and the supportive business environment. By crossing it every day, children integrate knowledge, inspiration and challenges and find their place and contribution to the world.

School Makes Sense motivates children to find themselves, to dream about where they want to be, and we, the people around them – teachers, professionals, mentors and parents to help them to trace their path to achieve their dreams.

School Makes Sense gives voluntary and long-term work to children in six and seven grade with professionals from the local community. Visits to the professional are conducted together with a teacher of a subject from the relevant scientific field. Teacher's job is to connect practical activities to teaching material.

School Makes Sense develops a methodology and a tool for keeping children in school by connecting schools with local professionals, entrepreneurs or bigger businesses and enterprises though a platform for free connection (*The platform will be ready in 2019).

School Makes Sense is a holistic programme for opening of the school to the surrounding community. Thanks to the participation of all – children, parents teachers, local and national business, the school gives opportunity for better child development, thus to the community as a whole.