New School Year – New Beginning for Participants in School Makes Sense Programme

School Makes Sense programme continues and with the new school year the visits of students from Georgi Benkovski Secondary School, Teteven and Hristo Smirnenski Secondary School Brezovo to professionals in their communites started. 

The year for new sixth graders from Teteven started with visit to the confectionary shop Enitsa. Dafina Nikolova, coordinator of the programme and vice-principal commented the first meeting of children with the confectionary art „Children were enraptured with the skillful hands of Stanislava Stefanova who enchanted them with her skills and the beautiful decorations which she made before their amazed eyes. Stanislava Stefanova is lucky because she has chosen for profession the sweetest hobby in the world. She has devoted to it. For the joy of her clients and fans. The geography of the public who has strong interest in the produced by her cakes and pastry constantly enlarges. The cakes of Stanislava are also present in the most remote corner of Northwest Bulgaria. Thus, her dream comes true - to give every day a little happiness to the people. Impressed and astonished, the students not only tasted the sweet temptations but also instantly shared their first impressions of the "confectioner" profession: a profession for people with  taste. For connoisseurs. And for dreamers. To recreate children's "dreams" into decoration of delicious cakes. What else? Good taste is brought up. School makes sense."

In Brezovo children become first acquainted with professions cultural organizer, librarian and tourist entertainer. Antonia Stoyanova, Education and culture chief expert at Brezovo municipality commented her first meeting with sixth graders: „Great class, gorgeous children – I am glad we met. Traditionally children who have chosen the profession of Mrs. Stoyanova will preprare with her events for May 24th and June 1st at the city’s square. And during the presentation of profession “tourist entertainer” Mr. Radnyu Shopov  introduced children with Thracian artifacts, found in the Region of Brezovo, thus proving the existence of developed Thracian culture. Numerous burial mounds, sanctuaries and megalith facilities reveal remarkable findings, including Thracian gold chariot and a golden wreath, which are now exhibited in the National Museum of History in Sofia. If students like this profession, they will have the possibility to see and mark access paths to the valuable discoveries.

This year students welcomed School Makes Sense programme with enthusiasm, knowing what to expect from the previous batch of sixth graders. And those who have passed the programme are eager to continue as mentors to younger to learn about people and professions in their communities.

School Makes Sense

School Makes Sense is our most ambitious cause. We are aiming at 100 schools to join it in 2025, because this is a cause which makes the school to revive again in children hearts and to become special for them.

School Makes Sense creates a bridge which connects the school, the local community and the supportive business environment. By crossing it every day, children integrate knowledge, inspiration and challenges and find their place and contribution to the world.

School Makes Sense motivates children to find themselves, to dream about where they want to be, and we, the people around them – teachers, professionals, mentors and parents to help them to trace their path to achieve their dreams.