Partners’ Meeting within “Looking Forward My Future – School Makes Sense” Programme

29 January 2018
After the first successful school year of “Looking Forward My Future – School Makes Sense” Programme, school teams from Teteven and Brezovo, together with partnering professionals and the team of Centre for Inclusive Education met in the village of Yagoda to discuss and plan the near and distant future.

The chronically organized sessions consecutively focused on the gained experience over the past year, the upcoming work with the second batch of 6th graders and the sustainable development of programme’s activities. Teachers shared the positive changes which they observed in the children, participating in the Programme as well as the successful and supportive partnership between professionals and teachers, motivating both to lifelong learning.

During the first day participants worked together in groups. They formulated concrete and engaging goals for the upcoming thematic lessons with students during the second school term. The afternoon session was dedicated to the organization of the upcoming summer camp and in particular the creation of common rules for all participants. On Sunday, the discussions were focused on Programme’s future after 2020 and ideas were generated around the participation of different stakeholders – school, municipality, Regional Department of Education, NGOs, and professional communities.

The main conclusion of the meeting is that the Programme could be sustainable over the time and could be widely spread on national level, because it is useful – students, parents, teachers and professionals see its sense and results and are ready to look for cooperation from different stakeholders for its continuation. The voluntary work and logistics could be supported by local and national businesses as well as by the municipalities, while the payments of teachers for extra time, labour and responsibility could be made through various national and municipal programmes as well as through schools delegated funding.

Thanks to the well-organized meeting, everyone went back to their homes in a good mood and energized for the upcoming working week.

School Makes Sense

School Makes Sense is our most ambitious cause. We are aiming at 100 schools to join it in 2025, because this is a cause which makes the school to revive again in children hearts and to become special for them.

School Makes Sense creates a bridge which connects the school, the local community and the supportive business environment. By crossing it every day, children integrate knowledge, inspiration and challenges and find their place and contribution to the world.

School Makes Sense motivates children to find themselves, to dream about where they want to be, and we, the people around them – teachers, professionals, mentors and parents to help them to trace their path to achieve their dreams.