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Because each one of us in his/her role as a professional or parent is in constant contact with children and needs to understand them, to be able to support them in their development and feel good together.

For whom?
For teachers, resource teachers, psychologists and speech therapists, social service providers, NGO partners and parents.

By whom?
By skilled trainers with extensive experience in their field.

Trainings in the field of inclusive education, global education, child participation and child protection.
Centre for Inclusive Education offers a total of eleven training programs aimed at teaching professionals or children and young people. Nine of them are registered in the Information register of the Ministry of Education. Participants in these courses are awarded 1 (one) academic credit. 
The seminars last one or two days but could be modified according to the needs of the group or the topic.

Contact us by e-mail at office@cie-bg.eu  or by phone 02/870 20 63 and declare your willingness to organize a training for your team.

Participation fee is between 70 and 120BGN - depending on course length, number of participants and the need for modification of the program to the specific needs of the client. The fee includes training materials and individual certificates for participation. Free materials and brochures could be ordered for each seminar.

Accommodation and travel costs need to be covered additionally. 

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