2017 School Makes Sense Child Camp in Kranevo

1 August 2017
2017 School Makes Sense Child Camp in Kranevo
The end of  active 2016/17 school year of sixth graders from Brezovo and Teteven and their teachers, during which they did over 15 activities in different professional directions, was marked by one week child camp at the Black sea coast in mid-July. Children from both schools met each other for the first time. Quickly they understood that they have a lot of common interests and the fun began. Beach games, a walk in the Botanical garden in Balchik, strategy games, sport contests and dances, didn’t leave them a lot to take a rest. Nevertheless we found time to work during two afternoons. We talked in depth about their experience during the past year, what are their plans for the next one, how far did they understand that the school largely extends their chances to fulfill their dreams. We gathered rich information about their needs and expectations – how the school could become more intriguing and useful to them. When we asked them if they were principals of their schools what they would do to make changes, they proposed to remove mobile phones during classes, teachers and discipline to be more strict and of course teachers to teach in much more intriguing way. The most demotivating thing is boredom during classes.

We understood that some children have discovered their new strengths and have changed their interests and dreams for the future. Just the opposite others have confirmed their desire to continue in the chosen direction. But all of them said that they had one great year, during which they learned a lot and would like to continue to participate in some form in School Makes Sense Programme, perhaps as mentors of the next batch of graduates.

Part of the professionals also joined the camp to tell their personal stories – how and why they have chosen their professional path. Children learned that one confectioner could dislike cakes and there are plants which during draught pull up by themselves their roots to fly with the wind in order to find better conditions for growth.

Last day children presented in funny way the professions which they met. From the scene they made a cake, organized with the audience games and funny quizzes. They learned how to distinguish goose down from goose feathers, and that the fire extinguisher is full of dust and it should be shaken before use.

We also celebrated birthdays with two big cakes with which we were happy to treat also all other kids in the camp.

And of course at the end they didn’t want to go...

Their adventure in photos

School Makes Sense

School Makes Sense is our most ambitious cause. We are aiming at 100 schools to join it in 2025, because this is a cause which makes the school to revive again in children hearts and to become special for them.

School Makes Sense creates a bridge which connects the school, the local community and the supportive business environment. By crossing it every day, children integrate knowledge, inspiration and challenges and find their place and contribution to the world.

School Makes Sense motivates children to find themselves, to dream about where they want to be, and we, the people around them – teachers, professionals, mentors and parents to help them to trace their path to achieve their dreams.