Kaufland Bulgaria Supported Centre for Inclusive Education

15 January 2018
Kaufland Bulgaria Supported Centre for Inclusive Education
Kaufland Bulgaria supported the causes of Centre for Inclusive Education by donating 17 desktops and 3 laptops on January 12, 2018. They will be given to the schools with which the organization operates.

Within Looking Forward My Future – School Makes Sense programme we are working to widen the horizons of students by showing them the connection between lessons learned in class and the future professional development. Team work, communication, time management, decision making are only one part of soft skills which we are aiming to develop. With this donation we will help children with who we are working, to continue to develop their digital skills”, Dimitar Lazarov, Programme Director at Centre for Inclusive Education shared.

The Looking Forward My Future – School Makes Sense Programme aims to develop a methodology and tool to keep children at school by increasing their motivation for learning and by giving practical value of lessons learned in class. It represents voluntary and long-term work of 6th graders with professionals from the local community. Visits to the professional are conducted together with a teacher of a subject  from the relevant scientific field. Teacher's job is to connect practical activities to teaching material.

In the field of education, inclusion involves the creation of links between schools and surrounding communities. Many professionals are ready to invest in motivating children to continue their education and to support the building of active and vibrant local community.

One School for All

One School for All is our most encompassing and wide-reaching cause, our raison d’etre. Our ultimate goal is comprehensive introduction and application of the principles of inclusive education.

Inclusive education is a process of changing the school environment based on respect and acceptance of other people. It implies wise management of school processes in a way which makes children feel supported to develop their capacity and to overcome hardships; which makes teachers feel encouraged and confident that they are able to cope with the growing challenges, while parents are able to assume their responsibility and role in partnership with schools.