Children – safe and protected

Child Protection has always been one of the most significant causes of the Centre for Inclusive Education. Our team continues the 10-year work of Save the Children UK in Bulgaria and the region (1997-2007) by further upholding the principles of child protection with the conviction that every child must have a safe and healthy development into adulthood.
Since 2016, the Centre for Inclusive Education (CIE) is a full member of Keeping Children Safe and a regional representative of the network covering 12 countries in Eastern Europe. As a regional representation office we support the efforts of non-governmental organisations to implement the international standards on safeguarding and develop in-house policies and procedures on child protection, including process monitoring and auditing of relevant documentation. This activity of the Centre for Inclusive Education contributes to the observance of the international standards on child safeguarding in Bulgaria, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.

Keeping Children Safe
Keeping Children Safe is a dynamic and growing global network working to keep the world’s most vulnerable children safe from abuse and exploitation. It was founded in 2001 by a group of leading humanitarian non-governmental organisations in response to the increasing number of child abuse cases in camps created under various emergency situations in West Africa. The network is an expression of the commitment of organisations worldwide to protect children by implementing and promoting a set of clear and comprehensive safeguarding standards which all organisations can and must observe. It partners with local organisations and develops regional hubs which promote the adoption of the child safeguarding standards.  

Through its regional partners in Latin America and Eastern Europe, Keeping Children Safe is building the child safeguarding capacity of organisations by offering specialized tailor-made training and mentoring:

Gaining a Keeping Children Safe certificate ensures that organisations apply measures and demonstrate commitment to keeping children safe.

At present Keeping Children Safe has 42 member organisations working in almost all countries of the world by implementing programmes which impact upon the lives of 134 million children annually. There are two levels of membership: full and associate members. The network encourages organisations to share their experience and lessons learnt. The network has an active advocacy programme which works with major donors, sports organisations and regional structures.  

Keeping Children Safe makes sure standards and manuals are available to organisations to help them avoid any risks associated with abuse and exploitation of the children they work with. The standards cover four areas: policy, people, procedures and accountability.

You can measure your organisation’s adherence to the international child-safe standards.




Safer Communities

Period: October 2009 - October 2011