Professional Community for Inclusive Education

The Centre for Inclusive Education initiated a professional community for inclusive education. This Community is an informal association of people with common interests and shared values. It unites various types of professionals: educators, psychologists, speech therapists, university teachers, resource teachers, and school mediators. They are all involved, directly or indirectly, in mainstream schooling. The Centre for Inclusive Education coordinates and facilitates the Community’s decisions and initiatives.  

The work of the Community is focused on changing attitudes, improving the legal framework and school practice in order to achieve better understanding of inclusive education and introduce its principles.

A major document of the Community is its Manifesto laying out its goals and work principles in a summarized manner.

The Community has 60 members. New members are approved by recommendation of a current member and by voting of the General Assembly. The Community members convene three times a year at two-day plenary sessions to share experience and discuss cases from their practice. A forum and a common calendar are also foreseen to allow the Community members to cooperate intensively and table for discussion topical issues related to inclusive education.
The current chairperson of the Community is Mr. Ivaylo Kiskinov, acting as principal of 202 Hristo Botev Primary School, Dolni Pasarel.