Keeping Children Safe Works To Safeguard 134 Million Children Around The World

14 January 2016
Keeping Children Safe Works To Safeguard 134 Million Children Around The World
Keeping Children Safe is a dynamic and growing international organisation working to keep some of the world’s most vulnerable children safe from abuse and exploitation. It was established in 2001 by a group of leading humanitarian relief and development charities in response to the growing realisation that children were being abused by aid and development workers in emergency camps in West Africa. It represents a commitment by organisations worldwide to protect children by developing and promoting a set of robust and comprehensive safeguarding standards that all organisations can and should follow.

Keeping Children Safe’s vision is for all children to have a safe and healthy development into adulthood

Keeping Children Safe supports organisations with child safeguarding resources, membership, capacity building and to engage in advocacy on child safeguarding issues.

Capacity Building

Keeping Children Safe has led a number of important child safeguarding initiatives by building capacity and systems in a wide number of international bodies and organisations.

As part of the capacity building programme, Keeping Children Safe offers basic, specialised and tailor made mentoring and training for child safeguarding development.

Keeping Children Safe has extended its capacity building activities through KCS regional partners in Latin America and Eastern Europe offering:
  •     Child safeguarding auditing;
  •     Certification Level  1;
  •     Certification Level  2;
  •     Basic child safeguarding workshops;
  •     Tailor-made child safeguarding workshops;
  •     Child safeguarding investigations management workshops;
  •     Child safeguarding in emergencies workshops.

CONACMI - regional partner in Latin America

Centre for Inclusive Education - regional partner in East Europe


Keeping Children Safe currently has 42 members working in almost every country of the world with programmes that impact on the lives of 134 million children annually. The network enables organisations to share experiences and lessons learnt in child safeguarding. Members can interact at two levels- FULL member and ASSOCIATE member. This knowledge sharing space enables members to do all they can to safeguard children.    


Keeping Children Safe works to ensure all organisations have child safeguarding measures in place and where relevant those they fund also make a commitment to safeguard children. We have an active advocacy programme working with major funders, sports organisations and regional bodies.


Keeping Children Safe provides standards and guidance to international organisations to help them prevent the risk of abuse and exploitation of the children they work with. The standards cover four areas: Policy, People, Procedures and Accountability.

Test whether your organisation works upon international child safeguarding standards?

One School for All

One School for All is our most encompassing and wide-reaching cause, our raison d’etre. Our ultimate goal is comprehensive introduction and application of the principles of inclusive education.

Inclusive education is a process of changing the school environment based on respect and acceptance of other people. It implies wise management of school processes in a way which makes children feel supported to develop their capacity and to overcome hardships; which makes teachers feel encouraged and confident that they are able to cope with the growing challenges, while parents are able to assume their responsibility and role in partnership with schools.