Centre For Inclusive Education Leads Global Child Safeguarding Movement In Europe

6 January 2016
Centre For Inclusive Education Leads Global Child Safeguarding Movement In Europe
Centre For Inclusive Education Leads Global Child Safeguarding Movement In Europe

Centre for Inclusive Education signed a 3-year partnership agreement with the international network Keeping Children Safe. According to it the Bulgarian organisation becomes full member and regional hub of Keeping Children Safe for 12 countries in Eastern Europe.

Within the framework of this partnership experts from the Centre for Inclusive Education will conduct trainings to non-government organisations to implement the international Child Safeguarding Standards and to develop internal organisational policies and procedures for child protection, including monitoring and certification.

“This agreement is significant for CIE because it raises organisation’s expertise to a new, higher level in the child protection work not only in Bulgaria, but also in the region. We are aware that with it our responsibilities and challenges become bigger and we will invest many efforts to respond the higher expectations in the name of children safety in the non-government sector.” said Stefan Yordanov, Child protection and participation expert at Centre for Inclusive Education.

‘We are delighted that the Centre for Inclusive Education has agreed to lead the movement in the region. As a result of our services and through our network of members in over 120 countries, millions of children worldwide are now better protected from abuse and exploitation,” announced Sarah Blakemore, Director of Keeping Children Safe.

The agreement will contribute to the promotion and protection of international Child Safeguarding standards. It covers the countries Bulgaria, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Ukraine.

Keeping Children Safe represents a commitment by organisations worldwide to protect and promote a set of robust and comprehensive safeguarding standards. The international network enters into partnerships with local organisations to establish regional hubs that will promote the Child Safeguarding Standards; increase membership in the safeguarding movement; and deliver technical assistance in a more culturally sensitive manner to those organisations committed to protecting from harm the children they come into contact with through their programmes and daily activities.Organisations in the region who wish to develop or strengthen their child safeguarding capacities should contact Stefan Yordanov at CIE. Email: cie@keepingchildrensafe.org.uk

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Inclusive education is a process of changing the school environment based on respect and acceptance of other people. It implies wise management of school processes in a way which makes children feel supported to develop their capacity and to overcome hardships; which makes teachers feel encouraged and confident that they are able to cope with the growing challenges, while parents are able to assume their responsibility and role in partnership with schools.