The Strongest Person in Bulgaria

On November 1st, the Day of Enlighteners Centre for Inlcusive Education launches new campaign about the role of Bulgarian Teacher
The campaign video is created by the English director Steven Montgomery who has worked with Ed Sheeran and Coldplay
Who is the strongest person in Bulgaria? This is the question which the new communication campaign of Centre for Inclusive Education asks. Launched on November 1, the Day of Enlighteners, the initiative is dedicated to the key role of the Bulgarian teacher, who is defined as the strongest person in Bulgaria, because he "holds our future in his hands".
This becomes clear from the 100-second video of the campaign, which begins with the question "Who is the strongest person in Bulgaria" and footage of the training of the Balkan champion of bodybuilding (Skopje, 2007) Bogomil Yordanov. After that, however, the video gives the audience an unexpected plot, in which the actress Albena Stavreva takes a special part in the image of a Bulgarian teacher.
„On November 1st, the Day of Enlighteners, we want to remind that the Bulgarian teacher has a key role in our lives - he holds the future of our children in his hands," Iva Boneva, Executive Director of the Centre for Inclusive Education said and added: “In order to fulfill their mission to support and inspire our children, however teachers themselves need to be supported and inspired. And we hope that our campaign will at least contribute that we all realize that they are indeed among the strongest people in Bulgaria.”
Video "The Strongest Person in Bulgaria" is shot by the British Director Stephen Montgomery, whose portfolio includes video projects for the BBC, the Glastonbury Festival and performers such as Ed Sheeran and Coldplay. This is the second video project that the director filmed for the Centre for Inclusive Education after the video clip for the "Teacher Who Loves All" Spring Campaign.
With “The Strongest Person in Bulgaria” campaign Centre for Inclusive Education also want to invite Bulgarians teachers to the 2017 Inclusive Education Conference which will be held on December 9th at Inter Expo Centre.
Registration for the event is open

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