"Home away from home" is part of DMS

"Home away from home" is part of DMS
Our fundraising campaign to make the Green educational center in the village of Stargel into temporary home for refugees from Ukraine is now part of the DMS platform! With this you can support us also by sending SMS to 17 777 with text DMS PODSLON (only available for subscribers of Yettel, VIVACOM and A1).
Currently 25 children take part in the morning and afternoon activities and we are forces to deny new ones due to the lack of space and considering their safety.
Masha* is 9 years old and she is not sleeping all night long because she is afraid something scary might happen. Sometimes, she asks the teacher to lay down on the carpet and close her eyes so she can cope with her fatigue.
This has motivated us even further to complete the renovation of our Green educational center in the village of Stargel, so we can provide help and support to Masha and others in need.
We work with children at risk for more than 20 years and more than 2000 chilndren participated in our workshops and camps.
Over the past three years we have put a lot of efforts and resources at the old school at Stargel and we have progressed significantly. After the war is over, we will continue the use the premises for social causes and purposes.
We need your financial aid in order to complete the renovation of 10 rooms, , за да довършим ремонта на 10 стаи, bathrooms, a kitchen and to furnish them.
We appriciate any help.
We are thankful to all our past, future, small and large donors!